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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Buckle yourself in for an epic journey across the Wild, Wild World, where you will DISCOVER different types of natural disasters that have occurred throughout history. We will use REASON to explain how these disasters occur and what lessons people have learned from volcano eruptions and tsunamis throughout time. We will be able to show EMPATHY with famous explorers throughout history, who have struggled and demonstrated resilience to embark on such dangerous missions to barren locations on Earth. We will ASK QUESTIONS of the civilisations that have chosen to live in extreme places on Earth, where natural disasters occur regularly, and ponder how people have adapted to survive the hostile environments.  We will learn about mistakes people of the past have made, and how this has shaped our future... looking all the way back to the first humans in prehistory. We will come to understand that we can MAKE MISTAKES of our own because this is how some of the best lessons are learned. Our DT and Art projects will teach us the importance of learning to BE RESILIENT as we trial and improve cooking mashed potato volcanoes, and learn artistic techniques from other cultures, by studying famous artists such as Van Gough, Hokusai and Edward Tingatinga. Our curriculum powers will allow us to take all of this learning, and apply the skills we develop to new learning, as we IMAGINE AND CREATE our own inspired meals and artistic representations. Finally, we will be ready to GROW as individuals, as we prepare to embark onto new learning, with increasing independence, as we prepare for Year 4.  


Please explore the pages of our Year 3 area to learn more about our exciting projects taking place in school, and at home, throughout the year. 

Take a look at our wonderful explanation texts. We visited the penguins at The Deep and have found lots of information. 

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