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Physical Education

Physical Education

Miss S Angel Physical Education Leader

Here at Birchwood Junior School, we provide lots of opportunities for all children to participate in sport both within and outside the curriculum. Our P.E curriculum is inclusive and accessible for all, and aims to inspire children to develop their physical confidence in all our lessons. Our curriculum is progressive and allows all children to build on skills they have built on throughout their time in the Birchwood federation. We ensure this by providing 12 different sports within our curriculum, as well as focusing on 6 wellbeing modules in each year. This is vital for us as a school, as we believe that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. We also provide a wide variety after school clubs across the different years that further develop our children’s physical confidence and enjoyment. All of these help build into our golden threads, as our curriculum is built for inclusivity, improves their mental, physical and emotional well-being, offers experiences for all children and builds links within our community.  We are very proud to be an accredited gold mark sports for the last two years, something that the children and the staff have worked incredibly hard for.  


Competitively, we have both a boys and girls football team who take part in a local league, but we also pride ourselves on giving as many children as possible access to different sports and we continuously send sports teams to compete in a variety of different events. Our new house system has also enabled even more children than ever to access sporting events at school. We have 4 houses: Red arrows, Brayford Blues, Cathedral Yellows and Lincoln Greens, and each term we have held competitions run by the different houses across all year groups and abilities. This has given the children opportunity to form new friendships, develop their teamwork skills and continued to develop their physical confidence. 


We hope that all these opportunities both inside and outside school will help our children to developed confidence and grow, not only in physical education, but across all aspects of both home and school life.

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