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Birchwood Junior School

Term Dates

Academic Year 2021 -2022 Term Dates


Thursday 2nd September 2021Inset Day
Friday 3rd September 2021Inset Day
Monday 6th SeptemberTerm 1 Starts
Friday 22nd October 2021Term 1 Ends
Monday 1st November 2021Term 2 Starts
Friday 17th December 2021Term 2 Ends
Monday 3rd January 2022Bank Holiday
Tuesday 4th January 2022Inset Day
Wednesday 5th January 2022Term 3 Starts
Friday 11th February 2022Term 3 Ends
Monday 21st February 2022Term 4 Starts
Thursday 31st March 2022Term 4 Ends 
Friday 15th April 2022Bank Holiday
Monday 18th April 2022Bank Holiday
Wednesday 20th April 2022Term 5 Starts
Monday 2nd May 2022Bank Holiday
Friday 27th May 2022Term 5 Ends
Monday 6th June 2022Term 6 Starts
Friday 22nd July 2022Term 6 Ends


 *Inset Days are Staff Training Days.

Academic Year 2022-2023


Friday 2nd September 2022Inset Day 
Monday 5th September 2022Inset Day
Monday 6th September 2022Start of Term 1
Friday 21st October 2022End of Term 1
Monday 31st October 2022Start of Term 2
Friday 16th December 2022End of Term 2
Monday 26th December 2022Bank Holiday
Tuesday 27th December 2022Bank Holiday 
Monday 2nd January 2023Bank Holiday 
Tuesday 3rd January 2023Inset Day
Wednesday 4th January 2023Start of Term 3
Friday 10th February 2023End of Term 3 
Monday 20th February 2023Start of Term 4 
Friday 31st March 2023End of Term 4 
Friday 7th April 2023Bank Holiday
Monday 10th April 2023Bank Holiday 
Monday 17th April 2023Inset Day
Tuesday 18th April Start of Term 5
Monday 1st May 2023Bank Holiday
Friday 26th May 2023End of Term 5 
Monday 29th May 2023Bank Holiday
Monday 5th June 2023Start of Term 6
Friday 21st July 2023End of Term 6 


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  • The Lancaster

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    Lincoln, LN6 0QQ
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  • Woodlands Infant
    and Nursery School

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    Whitethorn Grove, Birchwood,
    Lincoln, LN6 0PF
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  • Forest Skies

    01522 800971
    Larchwood Crescent,
    Lincoln, LN6 0NL
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Birchwood Junior School

01522 800971
Birchwood Junior School,
Larchwood Crescent, Lincoln, LN6 0NL