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Birchwood Junior School

Term Dates

Don't forget to check before booking your holidays!



Monday 4th September 2023INSET DAY
Tuesday 5th September 2023INSET DAY
Wednesday 6th September 2023Start of Term 1 
Friday 20th October 2023End of Term 1
Tuesday 31st October 2023Start of Term 2
Wednesday 20th December 2023End of Term 2
Tuesday 2nd January 2024INSET DAY
Wednesday 3rd January 2024Start of Term 3
Friday 9th February 2024End of Term 3
Monday 19th February 2024Start of Term 4
Thursday 28th March 2024End of Term 4
Monday 15th April 2024INSET DAY
Tuesday 16th April 2024Start of Term 5
Monday 6th May and Monday 27th MayBANK HOLIDAYS
Friday 24th May 2024End of Term 5
Monday 3rd June 2024Start of Term 6
Friday 19th July 2024End of Term 6 



Don't forget to check before booking your holidays!


Academic Year 2024/25


Date Term
Monday 2nd September 2024INSET DAY
Tuesday 3rd September 2024INSET DAY
Wednesday 4th September 2024Start of Term 1
Friday 18th October 2024End of Term 1
Tuesday 29th October 2024Start of Term 2
Thursday 19th December 2024End of Term 2
Friday 3rd January 2025INSET DAY
Monday 6th January 2025Start of Term 3
Friday 14th February 2025End of Term 3
Monday 24th February 2025Start of Term 4
Friday 4th April 2025End of Term 4
Tuesday 22nd April 2025Start of Term 5
Monday 5th May 2025Bank Holiday - school shut
Friday 23rd May 2025End of Term 5
Monday 2nd June 2025INSET DAY
Tuesday 3rd June 2025Start of Term 6
Tuesday 22nd July 2025End of Term 6


In Our Federation

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  • The Lancaster

    01522 685078
    82 Jasmin Road,
    Lincoln, LN6 0QQ
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  • Woodlands Infant
    and Nursery School

    01522 683557
    Whitethorn Grove, Birchwood,
    Lincoln, LN6 0PF
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  • Forest Skies

    01522 800971
    Larchwood Crescent,
    Lincoln, LN6 0NL
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Birchwood Junior School

01522 800971
Birchwood Junior School,
Larchwood Crescent, Lincoln, LN6 0NL