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Our DREAM BIG Powers

Dream Big Powers

The DREAM BIG powers are holistic lifelong powers all pupils leave with. All pupils get opportunities to strengthen these powers throughout their time at Forest Skies. The powers can be seen and heard in the pupil’s behaviours and outcomes.


The children are encouraged to DREAM BIG. Throughout a pupils time at Birchwood they are encouraged to use their curriculum powers to Discover, Reason, Empathise, Ask questions, Make mistakes, Be resilient, Imagine and create and Grow.

Experiences within the curriculum provide purpose to learning and help to establish deep, sustained learning of skills and knowledge. Children can record their experiences in purpose made passports that display the full extent of Birchwood’s curriculum offer.


Click on the link below to the Video Resource Centre to watch a video about the DREAM BIG powers:

Discover by

  • Unearthing new vocabulary
  • Studying new people and places
  • Unlocking the power of reading
  • Revealing hidden talents

Reason by

  • Applying strategy when problem solving
  • Making connections between learning and knowledge
  • Considering all the evidence provided
  • Balancing arguments

Empathise by

  • Showing empathy and find solutions to problems
  • Considering others points of view
  • Accepting of others’ opinions and differences
  • Collaborating, helping and celebrating with others

Ask Questions to

  • Articulate own ideas with evidence and justify a viewpoint
  • Build upon people’s ideas
  • Challenge inequality and injustice
  • Stay safe

Make Mistakes to

  • Embrace trial and error as a strategy to problem solve
  • Make lessons out of mistakes
  • Enjoy the journey to mastery of knowledge and skills
  • Be brave in learning opportunities

Be Resilient by

  • Being determined not to give up even when things are hard
  • Being honest, even when it is hard to do so
  • Trying different strategies when things go wrong or not to plan
  • Bouncing back when facing a problem or difficulty
  • Being positive and finding solutions to problems

Imagine and Create by

  • Developing ideas through hard work
  • Reflecting and evaluating ways in which to make improvements
  • Celebrating innovation and uniqueness
  • Being proud of improvements in products and performance

Grow by

  • Develop a growing sense of independence
  • Increasing in confidence
  • Adopting a growth mind-set
  • Nurturing a variety of skills and deepen knowledge
  • Taking inspiration from others

DREAM BIG ART TRAIL: Can you find them around school?

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