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Experiences for Deep, Sustained Learning

Experiences for deep, sustained learning


The experiences that our school provides our children are important in that they allow children to build their cultural capital. Experiences provide purpose to learning and help to establish deep, sustained learning of skills and concepts. Children can record their experiences in purpose made passports that display the full extent of Birchwood’s curriculum offer. The children are encouraged to DREAM BIG. Throughout a pupils time at Birchwood they are encouraged to use their curriculum powers to Discover, Reason, Empathise, Ask questions, Make mistakes, Be resilient, Imagine and create and Grow.

The school endeavours to provide wide-ranging, unique experiences that children can relate to the breadth of the national curriculum. At Birchwood Junior School pupils will have the opportunity to play a musical instrument, write to an international pen pal, join extra-curricular clubs, partake in residential trips in Year 4 and Year 6, represent the school, develop coding and programming skills, collaborate with other schools and well as over 100 more experiences. We want the children and staffs time at Birchwood Junior School to be unforgettable experience.

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Birchwood Junior School

01522 800971
Birchwood Junior School,
Larchwood Crescent, Lincoln, LN6 0NL