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Fine motor support

Hand exercises to improve co-ordination and fine motor skills


  • Grip thumbs around each other into a loop and pull them in the opposite direction.
  • Place palms together and push hands together as if you were praying.
  • Place hands under legs while sitting down, and lift yourself up.
  • Tear strips of paper and then roll up a strip, gathering the strip towards you, first with one hand and then the other.
  • Pick up raisins with your finger and thumb.  Use both hands simultaneously or alternate hands.
  • Pass a pencil along your fingers, starting with your thumb.  Roll it over and under and back again.
  • Squeeze a soft ball, like a stress ball.
  • Use some play-doh that has been slightly hardened in the fridge or plasticiene.  Place a coin in the centre of it and ask the child to find the coin.
  • Rolling, threading and cutting all isolate finger movements and will help to strengthen fingers and improve hand function.


Games which can help too -


  • Games with a yo-yo need to separate the thumb to work them properly and improve eye/hand function as well as co-ordination.
  • Cat’s cradle
  • French knitting
  • Dot-to-dot games
  • Marble mazes – get the child to follow the marble around the course with his/her finger.


Finger Aerobics

Try finger aerobic exercises to warm up the fingers before a writing task. This is an easy fine motor activity that the whole classroom can participate in. ...


5 Minute Hand and Finger Exercise


With Pencil & Coins l OT Hand and Finger 10 Exercises

Fine Motor Challenge Cards

Fine Motor Skills Cards

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