Curriculum - Science

scienceAt Birchwood Junior School, we believe that the understanding of science is the understanding of the world around us, and is therefore a key learning experience for all our children.

To do this, we allow our children to DREAM BIG, something that underpins our whole school curriculum. In our science provision, we do this by constantly letting children develop these curriculum powers, such as through asking questions, being resilient and discovering through their enriching science curriculum. This curriculum is delivered through the three strands of science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and we allow our children to explore a wide variety of carefully planned topics in our classrooms and in the science lab we have on site. This provision allows our children to be scientists, and work scientifically across the whole school in a wide variety of subjects.

We also allow our children to question, observe and explore across our science provision. We aim to model and teach scientific thinking processes in order that all Birchwood pupils can be successful in their own exploration of the world they live in.

Science Topics for Year 2018-19

Year GroupTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 3Simple forcesScience skillsRocks - ClassificationLight and shadowsNutrition (linked to HS)Plants
Year 4Digestive system and teethFood chainsElectricitySound and vibrationClassify living thingsState of matter/water cycle
Year 5Circle of lifeHabitatsSpace - Big Bang and ForcesSpaceProperties of materialsAnimals including humans
Year 6Our changing worldEvolutionElectricityElectricityLightLight