Curriculum - Religious Education

REThe Importance And Purposes Of Religious Education

"RE is an important subject for everybody, not just because of its significance in current world affairs, but because it links so strongly into many other fields – music, history, social and cultural issues – the list is endless. No sphere of life is untouched by issues of religion and belief, so how can any of us even begin to understand humanity without understanding at least a little about the subject?" - Religious Education Council 2017

We now use the revised version of the Religious Education Agreed Syllabus for Lincolnshire (2018-2023). We will be following this syllabus very closely for the planning, teaching and assessing of R.E. There have been some significant changes to the syllabus. Children in Key Stage Two will now study three religions in greater depth. These religions are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Children will still learn about other world religions but these will be taught through themes such as places of worship, pilgrimage or thankfulness. Please take a look at the overview for RE across the school.

In Birchwood Junior School we 'DREAM BIG' and in Religious Education we 'Empathise' and 'Ask Questions'.

RE Medium Term Plan 2018-2019