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REThe Importance and Purposes of Religious Education

"RE is an important subject for everybody, not just because of its significance in current world affairs, but because it links so strongly into many other fields – music, history, social and cultural issues – the list is endless. No sphere of life is untouched by issues of religion and belief, so how can any of us even begin to understand humanity without understanding at least a little about the subject?" - Religious Education Council 2017

In Birchwood Junior School we 'DREAM BIG' and in Religious Education we 'Empathise' and 'Ask Questions'.

At Birchwood Junior School we use the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education to plan and prepare our RE learning for Key Stage Two. We believe that RE is an important subject to help children develop their enquiry skills, tolerance and understanding, and to open their minds to other faiths and cultures. RE helps to develop an individual’s sense of awe and wonder, a sense of spirituality and an understanding that faith is a journey, and the courage to decide their own level of belief or none. Staff at Birchwood Junior School spend a lot of time to ensure that the curriculum is appropriate to all children and the RE syllabus has been written so that every child can access the learning and bring their own ideas and beliefs to enrich the experience of all.

RE Documents & Plans

Curriculum Map For Religious Education Core Knowledge And Understanding Framework Y3 Language Glossary Y4 Language Glossary Y5 Language Glossary Y6 Language Glossary