Curriculum - Languages

Language angelsModern Foreign Languages at Birchwood Junior School

At Birchwood Junior School, we aim to set our children up in all areas of life which includes learning a foreign language in our modern foreign languages lessons (MFL). With this in mind, all children from year 3 up until year 6 will have access to a progressive curriculum studying the French language using the Language Angels scheme of work.

How Language Angels is used at Birchwood Junior School

When your child starts as a year 3 at Birchwood Junior School, they will have access to the early language units where they will study the following units: I am learning French, musical instruments, I can do, Ancient Britain, the animals, fruit and vegetables and Little Red Riding Hood.

When they get to year 4 and 5 they will progress through the intermediate units (which are perfect for children to build up their language expertise in the French language) and they will study the following units:

Year 4 units: My family, my class, the Romans, my habits and hobbies.

Year 5 units: hobbies and sports, likes and dislikes, weather, places in town, holidays and culture and geography.

Finally, as a year 6, they will be challenged through completing the progressive units where they will become more familiar with the more specific nature of the French language where they will have conversations and discussions about different areas of life to prepare them for visiting the country of France. They will also learn extensively about the culture of France and the people that live there.