Curriculum - Humanities (Geography & History)

humanitiesAt Birchwood Junior School we aim to offer an engaging humanities curriculum that will equip all children with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become global citizens. We do this by asking our children to 'DREAM BIG' throughout their learning in these subjects.

During their time at our school, pupils will empathise with different communities throughout the world and grow to understand why people can lead lives different to their own. In each year group, our curriculum will allow our children to ask questions about events of historical significance and draw conclusions between past and current life.

Humanities Topics for Year 2018-19

Year GroupTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 3Heroes and Villains
Exploring physical features of cities, focusing on Lincoln.
Frozen Planet
Mapping the climates and poles.
Extreme Earth
A history of Pompeii.
Natural disasters.
The Stone Age
Timeline of prehistoric Britain.
The Stone Age
Examine the differences between prehistoric and modern life.
Into the Forest
Medieval Britain
Orienteering soundscape of Hartsholme Park.
Year 4Friends, Invaders and Countrymen
What was the Roman Empire? Location of countries the Romans invaded.
Friends, Invaders and Countrymen
What did the Romans invent?
How did the Romans affect Britain?
Eastern Promise
Where in the world is China?
Contrast to the UK.
Operation Black Swan
Local history study of RAF Skellingthorpe.
How attitudes change over time.
From Farm to Fork
Arable and pastoral farming.
From Farm to Fork
Study of the water cycle.
Human and physical features of UK and South America.
Year 5Great Expectations
Examine key aspects of Victorian life.
Great Expectations
The effect of the Industrial Revolution on migration and landscape.
To Boldly Go…
Space race.
To Boldly Go…
Map work looking at the world from space.
Ymir to RagnorokYmir to Ragnorok
Year 6CSI
Crime and the justice system throughout history.
How WW2 came about and the impact on our country.
The countries involved in WW2.
Ancient Civilizations
Human any physical features of Egypt.
Impact of the River Nile.
Storms and Shipwrecks
The impact of climate change on local communities.
Community Spirit
Climate change and its impact on the world.