Curriculum - Computing

A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides insights into both natural and artificial systems. – National Curriculum 2013

Computing And Digital Literacy

Computing and digital literacy offer a great opportunity to children to become independent learners, who can collaborate, plan, analyse and solve problems. They provide ways to interact with the local area as well as the wider world.

Children at Birchwood Junior School are able to access computing and digital literacy in a variety of ways throughout the year groups. Ipads in each year group allow children to create short video clips, stop frame animations, green screen presentations and musical compositions. Laptop computers are used to create powerpoint presentations, write word documents, create spreadsheets and help children develop their coding skills through programmes such as Scratch.

Examples Of Technology Use In The Classroom

Green screen: to create adverts for a healthy fruit smoothie and has supported literacy skills as well as speaking and listening skills. iMovie: used in projects such as creating trailers for books that have been read, introducing children to topics or as a way to summarise a particular area of the curriculum.

Scratch: coding helps to support all areas across the curriculum. Creating an animation of fossil formation, adding lights to a circuit through to creating number sequences and maths problems.

Stop frame animation: children have created short films depicting parts of stories, ideas in a particular area of the curriculum and used to show understanding of particular concepts or ideas.


Children are encouraged to engage safely and appropriately with technology in order to develop their understanding and confidence. E-safety is of extreme importance and we strive to keep our children safe and aware of any possible dangers posed via technology. Children regularly discuss issues or worries and the school uses the National Online Safety (NoS) resources as a way of engaging with pupils and parents.

Technology is a wonderful thing when used safely and with respect. It can inspire, create wonder and pose questions, not just in the subject of computing, but across the curriculum as a whole. We as a school encourage this and technology gives us another tool to be able to achieve our aims.

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