Aims & Ethos

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'Inspire Everyone, Every Day, To Grow And Succeed'

Our Values:

 ▸ Development of a love of learning.

 ▸ Providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for all to be successful.

 ▸ High standards maintained in all aspects of school life through. rigorous review of everything we do.

 ▸ High quality teaching and learning through a fun and creative curriculum.

 ▸ All talents are recognised and allowed to flourish.

Our Vision:

 ▸ To be an inclusive, creative and supportive community that promotes life long learning and celebrates the achievements of all.

Our Aims:

 ▸ Through high quality teaching, learning and effective leadership, we aim to:

 ▸ Provide a safe, stimulating and enriching environment where all are valued and respected.

 ▸ Promote the highest standards of achievement in all aspects of learning where everyone can develop to their full potential.

 ▸ Foster confidence, creativity, cooperation and enjoyment in learning for all through creative learning opportunities.

 ▸ Continue to develop strong links with the local community.

 ▸ Enable everyone to be and to become life long learners.